Friday, April 13, 2012

Book Review: Just Spooling Around

Just Spooling Around  pattern book by Terri Degenkolb for Whimsicals. Four quilt patterns, wall hanging pattern, table runner pattern, pillow pattern, project bag pattern, and more.
Soft sided, 40 pages, 9 projects
This book is full of easy to follow instructions, with lots of pictures and tips!
Most quilts are shown in two colorways for different looks.
Projects include both piecing and/or appliqueing.

Most of the quilts in this book used fabrics from the 
Heartstrings collection designed by Whimsicals for Red Rooster.

The following show some of the projects in this book.

This is the quilt that inspired the name of the book.....
Finished size: 34" x 40"
Skill level: confident beginner
She used lots of different fabrics for the spools, but they are all from her more recent fabric lines, as well as fabrics from her newest line Heartstrings
Terri said: "I must have been tired and in a slap-happy mood when I was working on it because this little play on words, "just spooling around", popped into my head.... Get it?  Just spooling around instead of just fooling around?!  I had myself a little chuckle and decided that it would be a great name not only for the quilt, but for the book too!"

Three Bags Full
Finished size: 58" x 76"
Skill level: confident beginner
She used basic the cutting and piecing instructions to making a large quantity of half square triangles that require nothing more than a rotary cutter, ruler and marking pencil.

String of Stars
Finished size: 62"x 80"
Skill level: intermediate
This pattern provides a template for making star points.
 Terri says the stars are tricky at first, but found that making a few "test units" helped to improve her accuracy in cutting and piecing.

Three Ring Circus
Finished size: 15" x 45"
Skill level: Intermediate
 Learn a new method for making half square triangles!

 Perched on a spool!
Finished size: 12" x 16"
Skill level: advanced beginner - applique templates used

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