Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Contessa from Wing and a Prayer Designs - sneak peek!

Wait to you see what these girls have for us in 2013!

Their new block of the month (BOM) is soooo different from the others they have designed.
 Here's a sneak peek at their new quilt!

Finished size: king size: 104" square!
Contessa fabrics are from Timeless Treasures and are rich and elegant.
This will be offered in a 6 month BOM from Abbi Mays starting in January 2012.
Sign up for our Newsletter and you'll be the first to participate in this BOM:  Abbi Mays Newsletter

More info to follow later.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Me and My Sister Designs

 Look who I found at the Houston Quilt Market 2012!
These girls are one of my favorite fabric designers and bloggers!

Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister Designs are having fun at the Houston Quilt Market!
 I wonder how many jelly rolls it took to wrap those mummys!

Abbi Mays has lots of fabrics from these to "happy" designers: Me and My Sister
Their new collection: Ticklish will be here in January.

Houston Quilt Market Sunday

We are in Houston, at the International Quilt Market buying fabrics for next year!

Here's my team!

Today we saw Moda and will select fabrics that will be shipping in March - May 2013!

 Kathy Schmitz - Round Robin

Fig Tree Quilts - Avalon

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Double Chocolat from Moda!

Just arrived: Double Chocolat from Moda by 3 Sisters.

What could be more decadent than Chocolat but
Double Chocolat?! This 40 piece collection of fan favorites will surely
have you coming back for seconds. 
Warm shades of rich, dark chocolate,
cherry, caramel and vanilla bean are simply delectible. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Aurora Colorado Emergency Quilts

I got this emal from my friend Jean and thought you might be able to help.  Abbi Mays will be send a quilt to this cause.

Good Morning Linda:
     I will not waiver in my dedication to get all the quilts out to those in need that have suffered so horribly from the Aurora Colorado tragedy on July 20th of this year.  The United States largest tragedy victims and families who lost loved ones need quilts.  It is that simple and I am doing all I can to get them to them.
     The entire Aurora communications center (83 dispatchers) each received a quilt with 3 left over which went to 3 of the victims. 
     Right now we need to completely wrap the families who lost loved ones in a quilt.  Today I heard from one of the friends of Rebecca Wingo who told me she left behind her mom, dad and 2 children and how much it would mean to her family to have a quilt from someone letting them know they care.  Wow!  I was so touched, I cried.
     I cannot nor did I do this on my own. A group from Canada sent in 6, a group from California has made and sent it over 50, I have sent 8 and have 2 in process, one of Aurora's dispatchers has made 2.  But we still need more.
    We need at least 16 that I can count just for loved ones and another 54 for victims.
    Please Linda, can you help us spread the word?  If someone wants to step up and make a quilt for a family member I am asking them to contact me because some of the people are already spoken for and it would be wonderful! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aurora-Colorado-Emergency-Responder-Quilts/401592493230782
    With so many scams, I want you to also know these quilts do not come to me...they go directly to Aurora Colorado. 
A Bed Without A Quilt, Is Like A Sky Without Stars!

Friday, October 19, 2012

What do beagles do on cold rainy days?

Take a nap just like beagle Sammy does. 

She knows she's special because she get to nap on a quilt!  The quilt is called Star Formation and kits are available here:  Star Formation.
The fabrics used in this quilt kit are Bittersweet from Benartex.
Read more about this kit here: As Seen In American Patchwork & Quilting: STAR FORMATION

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yum Yum! Ole Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

Treats to Goblin Up**


1 cup white corn syrup
1 cup white sugar
1 1/2 cups peanut butter
6 cups Rice Krispies
6 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips
6 oz butterscotch chips


  1. Frosting:
  2. Melt semi-sweet chocolate chips and butterscotch chips, and mix with a little milk to thin the mixture
  3. Rice Krispies
  4. Combine white corn syrup and white sugar in pot and bring to a boil
  5. Add peanut butter to the mixture and stir
  6. Add Rice Krispies to the mixture and stir
  7. Butter a baking pan, then pour Rice Krispies mixture into the pan and press lightly


**Thanks GE Appliance Recipes! 

Girlie Girl says it's "lip smacking good"

Sunday, October 14, 2012

5 Yard Quickie Pattern makes two quilts!

One 5 yard bundle can be easily turned into two baby quilts instead of one large quilt.

The pattern makes one quilt 56" x 80" (10 rows of 7 blocks)
or divide your rows into sections of (5 rows of 7 blocks) and make two 40" x 56" quilts. 

Quilt sampler Barb made this quilt and then decided to take it apart in the middle to make two quilts!  TA-DA!  TWO SMALLER QUILTS! 

These are quilts that go together quickly, a great project for when you want to
make a fun fast quilt for babies, kids, lap quilts or charities.

To make this quilt you need this:
Our Free Pattern:  Bars & Squares Quickie Pattern
Fabric:  5 YARD BUNDLE (five 1 yard cuts of coordinated quilters quality fabrics from our shop).

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lighthouse Quilt Guild vendor night

We were the vendor last night at the Lighthouse Quilt Guild in Grand Haven, MI.  Guild members were treated to Edyta Sitar's quilt lecture and trunk show after a day of class!

Does this girl ever sleep? She shared many finished quilts that she pieced, appliqued and quilted!

Thank you Lighthouse Quilt Guild members for making us feel so welcome.

We also learned how Edyta pronounced her name: ah - de - ta!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Brewsky from Clothworks

Barb Tourtillotte celebrates beer with her new collection, Brewsky by Clothworks.

Barb's unique style shines as she depicts myriad beer varieties. 
What a wonderful way to personalize a gift for your beer lover. 

Quilt Kit TOP - Brewsky

Quilt includes approx: 8 1/4 yards of fabric
Finished size: 54" x 71"
 Free Pattern from Clothworks
The fabrics used in this quilt are as pictured.

Dr Seuss fabrics available at Abbi Mays fabric Shop

Friday, October 5, 2012

Making perfect binding corners

Here's a free tip from Craftsy instructor Jenny Doan for making perfect corners when binding your quilts. Like this tip? Be sure to take a look at Jenny's online Craftsy Class, Quilting Quickly II by clicking: 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Marblehead Gourds coupon!

I really like the colors in Marblehead from Paintbrush Stuidos from Ro Gregg -

because there are so many colorways to choose from!

Here is a coupon code to get $5.00 off your next order
of Marblehead fabrics over $25: bloggergourds

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Do you like small wool projects?

If so, I have the perfect layer cake (10" squares) for you!

Independence Trail WOOL from Moda by Minick and Simpson
These 100% wool 10" squares would work great for your small projects! There are a total of 40 squares in the layer cake with twenty-four different patterns in colors like: dark blue, black, dark red, grey and dark tans.... 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Show and Tell: Choo Choo Mat!

Charles made this mat!

He thought that you might like to see the finished mat that he made for his two grandsons. He found a rough looking one on line and polished it up some .  He liked making them so much that he made two for the pastors grandsons and for couple of missionary kids . It's easy to put their toys in, roll up and travel with!