Sunday, October 21, 2012

Aurora Colorado Emergency Quilts

I got this emal from my friend Jean and thought you might be able to help.  Abbi Mays will be send a quilt to this cause.

Good Morning Linda:
     I will not waiver in my dedication to get all the quilts out to those in need that have suffered so horribly from the Aurora Colorado tragedy on July 20th of this year.  The United States largest tragedy victims and families who lost loved ones need quilts.  It is that simple and I am doing all I can to get them to them.
     The entire Aurora communications center (83 dispatchers) each received a quilt with 3 left over which went to 3 of the victims. 
     Right now we need to completely wrap the families who lost loved ones in a quilt.  Today I heard from one of the friends of Rebecca Wingo who told me she left behind her mom, dad and 2 children and how much it would mean to her family to have a quilt from someone letting them know they care.  Wow!  I was so touched, I cried.
     I cannot nor did I do this on my own. A group from Canada sent in 6, a group from California has made and sent it over 50, I have sent 8 and have 2 in process, one of Aurora's dispatchers has made 2.  But we still need more.
    We need at least 16 that I can count just for loved ones and another 54 for victims.
    Please Linda, can you help us spread the word?  If someone wants to step up and make a quilt for a family member I am asking them to contact me because some of the people are already spoken for and it would be wonderful!
    With so many scams, I want you to also know these quilts do not come to me...they go directly to Aurora Colorado. 
A Bed Without A Quilt, Is Like A Sky Without Stars!
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