Sunday, October 14, 2012

5 Yard Quickie Pattern makes two quilts!

One 5 yard bundle can be easily turned into two baby quilts instead of one large quilt.

The pattern makes one quilt 56" x 80" (10 rows of 7 blocks)
or divide your rows into sections of (5 rows of 7 blocks) and make two 40" x 56" quilts. 

Quilt sampler Barb made this quilt and then decided to take it apart in the middle to make two quilts!  TA-DA!  TWO SMALLER QUILTS! 

These are quilts that go together quickly, a great project for when you want to
make a fun fast quilt for babies, kids, lap quilts or charities.

To make this quilt you need this:
Our Free Pattern:  Bars & Squares Quickie Pattern
Fabric:  5 YARD BUNDLE (five 1 yard cuts of coordinated quilters quality fabrics from our shop).

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