Friday, January 3, 2014

Pillowcases for Charity: 4th graders + 5 quilters = 24

Fourth graders from Fruitport MI did with the help of 5 volunteers with sewing machines and pre-pinned fabric.

We each took one student at a time and mentored them on the basics of using a sewing machine:

and how to use an iron:

They were delighted to see what happens when you "birthed" a pillowcase:

Here they are.... all 24 of the students and their finished pillowcases
ready to give to a special organization.

It's never to late for you to do something special for charity. 

This is something you could do with your kids, grandkids or group in an afternoon.
Use our free easy pattern and these fabric requirments:
3/4 yard main body
1/4 yard cuffed edge fabric
(We eliminated the 2" accent strip to make it easier to pin and sew)

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