Tuesday, September 16, 2014

North by Northwest Quilt update: appliqueing the blocks!

The blocks with precut fusible pieces are now ready for me to machine applique.
I said out loud "oh my - this is going to be a challenge!"
There were 20 blocks + the chain link borders! 
Here are few blocks with long, pointy and narrow pieces and those little 1/2" circles...yikes!

It was a good thing I just took a class this summer from Kim Diehl on machine applique because her method made it very easy! I used nylon thread and did a tiny zig zag stitch.

This was fun and easy (as long as I didn't get distracted).  The blocks are now finished and ready to be assembled with the other pieced blocks for a finished quilt top (95" x 112").

This quilt kit is available here: North By Northwest
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