Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Update #1: Moonlight Sonata Quilt

designed by Jenny Foltz & Toni Kay Steere of Wing and a Prayer Design.

It's time to test the pattern and make the quilt!

Moonlight Sonata is the 5th pattern from Wing & Prayer Designs our quilt sewer Sue has tested!
The quilt featurers a popular gray to navy color palette with highlights of pink and green. The finished quilt measures 103" square.
The pattern includes:
Eight 12 1/2" blocks
A 24" center block
Sashing sections
Setting triangles
Pieced corner-quadrants and borders

Sue loves to make quits from these designers because the patterns are are easy to follow with lots of instructions and pictures.  Fabrics are numbered, and each illustrated block shows the numbered fabrics in their positions.

The first thing Sue does is cut up all 10 fabrics for all the blocks, settings etc....
and layers them in a sequential pile with the first block on top.

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