Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Pendleton Inspired" 2013 BOM Quilt

The 2013 original block of the month quilt (free pattern!) has a very interesting story behind it. The owner and designer of the website is TK Harrison.  She and her husband homeschooled their four young children in 2006.  During that summer, TK's husband had speaking engagements in Portland, Oregon as well as Sacramento, California.  They decided there was no better way to get an education for their kids than to allow them to experience a summer on the road - stopping at historical sites, interesting places and participating in local customs and food.  So, they loaded up themselves, their four children, two dogs and as many sewing supplies as there was room for into a Suburban attached to a 35' camper and headed for the Pacific northwest!  At the time, they lived in northern Utah - so they went on vacation time and took a scenic route through Boise, Idaho and points west.

It just so happened that July 4, 2006 found them in Pendleton, Oregon.  They sat on the lawn of a tire business to watch the fireworks with a number of other local people.  Although they had limited knowledge of the Pendleton Woolen Mills, many of those locals told them it was a 'must see' while in their town. 

The next day, they went to the Pendleton Woolen Mills and took a look around.  They joined a small group on a guided tour through the factory and did a little shopping in their on-site store.

TK truly saw a gem in the making, except instead of wool blankets - she saw a quilt!  Or a lot of quilts!  Or a block of the month quilt!  While in the store, she purchased a stunning coffee table book, filled with the history of the Pendleton blankets as well as a number of their original designs. 

Before they even departed for the next town on their adventure, TK was already sketching quilt blocks and patterns inspired by the Pendleton blankets!

That is the background for this year's 2013 "Pendleton Inspired" 12-month block of the month quilt.  And although TK designed this quilt in 2006, she sat on it and waited for to get just the right fabric in that would do this quilt the justice it deserves.  So,'s "Pendleton Inspired" 2013 block of the month quilt is made with Moda Marblehead fabrics!  They are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT and coordinate well with the original Pendleton blanket colors.

The following image is the "Pendleton Inspired" quilt top.  Your colors may vary, depending on your own creativity in choosing just the right Moda Marblehead fabrics for your quilt top.

And this is the first block in the "Pendleton Inspired" 2013 BOM quilt:

This quilt has 15" finished blocks, three borders and completed, measures 70" x 87" - perfect for a twin-sized bed quilt!  Or a warm and colorful snuggly on a cold winter's night.

The "Pendleton Inspired" 2013 BOM Quilt from instructions begin on February 15 so don't wait to purchase your "Pendleton Inspired" Marblehead fabric kit!
Included in kit:
22 fat eights (9" x 22")
1 1/2 yards light fabric for sashing
3 1/2 yards for blocks, borders and binding
Purchase your kits here for $82 + Shipping: Pendleton Inspired

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