Thursday, December 6, 2012

We challange you to make Pillowcases for others!

My monthly quilt club Sew Fun Quilters got together this year made a total of 86 flannel pillowcases! These will be donated of our local charities to use this Christmas as gifts.

We challenge your quilt club or bee to do the same for your local charities this Christmas Season!

This is how we did it: we organized ourselfs into groups of assemblers, piners, sewers and pressers!

This also would be to do with your grandson or granddaughter! All you need is pins, scissors, iron and sewing machine.

Abbi Mays has cotton and flannel pillowcase kits for you to use that are already precut with 27" case, 2" strip and 9" cuff for $5.00 for adults and kids!

 Purchase here for:
Adult Pillowcase
Kids Pillowcase
Kids Flannel Pillowcase

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